Thursday, August 6, 2009

Writing What You Care About

Life update: 

I am continuing my rigorous (rigorous for me) schedule of 1,500 words a day.  Which is really hard sometimes.  Like last night, after I came home from babysitting my history teacher's kids, I wanted to fall asleep and never wake up.  They are wonderful kids, well-behaved, and unnervingly pretty.  But I do not usually have to be around young (2-6 years) children.  I also have this (untrue) belief that if a child is not laughing at that immediate moment then she is unhappy, and unhappy children = crying.  I will jump through fiery hoops to avoid crying children.  Anyway, I had to scrape out another 500 words before bed.  It was torture.

Real post: 

I got my roomie/BFF hooked on Percy Jackson (I can be annoyingly persistent when I want to). We're trying to find a poster for our room.  In the meantime, we went to Barnes and Noble.  Lo and behold, they are selling PJO mythology trivia cards!  You know what's coming.  She bought them, of course, so we can have them in our room and learn all of the Q&A's.  Some of the questions are surprisingly obscure.  Like ripping off Zeus' ligaments?  What?  I didn't even know that happened.  And you should know, I know practically everything about Greek mythology.  I used to go to the library and read all the books about the topic I could find.  No lie. I could take a test on it right now and pwn all of you.  :-P

Along with Rachelle's post today, it made me confused and nervous.  You're supposed to write what you love.  If you don't even love what you're writing, how is anybody else supposed to?  But still...not everyone loves the same things.  What if nobody cares about my subject matter? Slightly premature thought but: what if there is no market for it?  How are we supposed to know?!

Difficult, difficult.  I can't help it if I want to write about Greek mythology, I guess.  Write what you love, write what you love, write what you love.  I love it.  I hope other people love it too.

Bah!  Time to go back to writing and not worrying about silly things I have no control over. 1,500 words await.

Postscript: Since a few weeks ago, I have been unable to see anyone's followers, including my own.  It just shows up as a blank box.  So I know how many followers I have, but I don't know any individuals.  Usually, when someone follows me, I will check out their blog, but if you are new, then...sorry!  I can't unless you comment.  If you don't care for my creeper behavior, then whatever.  I'm just throwing that out there.  Or if anyone knows how to fix that problem, please share.


  1. Blogger messed up my comments, so I know how ya feel.

    I love mythology, all of it, though I don't get to read it nearly as much as I'd like. I'm taking a mythology class this semester and am super freaking excited.

    My point being that other people love myths too, and I'll definitely be reading your book when it comes out. So, write what you love, because other people really do like it too!

  2. I definitely love everything to do with the ancient world, and seeing the amount of fiction out there based on said world (I've read a few books of them) don't worry at all!

  3. I don't think you need to worry about there being a market for Greek-mythology-influenced books -- it seems like there are plenty of people who are happily obsessed with it. Now, you could be writing about something that's really obscure... I can't think exactly what at the moment, but there must be something out there that there's no market for... =]

  4. Laura and I love mythology, so you'll have two readers right there. I think you write what you love and hope that it's marketable. We have lots of ideas that would be really marketable, but when it came time to start writing them we were blocked. We just didn't love it enough.

  5. I agree with what everyone else has said so far about the market for Greek myth influenced stuff. I mean, it's great and classic and timeless. Of course people want more. :) If PJO books had been out when I was at the height of my Greek mythology obsession, I would've eaten that series up in an instant.

    I was totally like you - read every Greek myth book I could get my hands on at my local library. The Classical Mythology course I took sophomore year of college was one of my favorite courses EVER (not to mention, I aced it XD ).