Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So a few days ago, I finally decided on my next novel project.  It's going to be another Greek mythology-themed one.  I suppose you could call it a companion book to the one I'm working on, but they're meant to be read separately.  I am more tempted to start this new book by the day. It has two points of view and is in present tense.  Tempted.

If it's even possible, I picked an MC who is more demanding than the one I have right now.  I kind of see my two MC's (the one from ATRS and the new one) as being yin and yang to each other.  They're both women.  They're both used to getting what they want.  Except the new one is very beautiful and charming--you wouldn't think of her as demanding.  She is also a liar, a thief, and a murderer twice over.  She is going to be so awesome to write.  I wasn't planning for my next project to be in first-person (because I'm tired of it), but it has to be.  In this case, the MC is so despicable when seen by outside eyes that one of the points of view has to be hers. Otherwise, the readers might hate her so much they won't want to keep reading.

It's kind of funny.  Both MC's from my books are mothers, except Megara would do anything to keep her son safe, and the other one plots to kill hers.  I imagine they would have a very interesting conversation if they spoke to each other.  I think Megara would be intimidated by this new MC, and she is rarely intimidated.  But the new MC is never intimidated.  

But I must finish my current project first!  Must not be led astray.

Oh, I think I forgot to mention that one of my characters eats an olive at some point.  And I realized I'd never eaten an olive before (other than on pizza), so I decided to be adventurous and try one at Olive Garden the other day.  It was gross.  Okay, really, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but still not something I would go out of my way to eat again.  I also have to remember not to mention tomatoes ever.  Tomatoes, to me, seem to be such a Mediterranean staple, but I must remember they are from the Americas originally.  It's so strange to think about that, because Italians use tomatoes in everything!


  1. Oh I love olives! I'll happily taste them and provide descriptions.

    I'm definitely keen to read this wip - sounds like fun! Interesting females = yay!

  2. Eeew Olives.

    I love that you have a slutty new idea tempting you, but be strong and finish the WIP. Good motivation to get it finished!

  3. Don't you love when you decide on your next project? The ideas swirl around like a volcano--I love it! Good luck! And congrats on the bravery of trying that olive. I personally love all types of olives!