Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scheduling My Life

My life is so screwy.  There's so much to do.  I should probably be reading something right now, but I'M NOT.  Take that, responsibility!  

I have not written all week.  I want to write today, but I am having some plotting difficulties.  So I'll probably do some research on the subject instead to jump-start my imagination.  If I have time, I'll try to roll out at least 500 words.  Same for Friday.  I generally don't feel motivated to write on Fridays, but I've been very behind.  Saturday: I meant to go to the CPL (Champaign Public Library aka my favorite place on earth), but I have a CUSA (Chinese Undergraduate Student Association) meeting at 3 pm.  Boo!  It's right in the middle of the afternoon, so I would have to get up semi-early to walk to the library for enough time.  I was planning on doing one of those writing binges.  Me, a strawberry-banana smoothie from Latte Da, my laptop and charger spending quality time together.  That looks unlikely, because I like to have at least three hours on a writing binge day.  Hmmm.  We'll see.  If I don't take the time and walk the extra mile to the CPL, I could just stay on campus.

But I don't like the on-campus places to write (during the day).  Maybe I'll find another secluded cafe somewhere.

Oh, I can't on Saturday anyway for previous obligations.  MAJSKDLFA;KSD.

Sunday = homework, and lots of it.  Also, probably not getting up until noon.  Monday is Labor Day, and everything will be closed.  Will I be writing?  Time will tell, I suppose.  Actually, maybe I can push that homework off until Monday, and just chill on Sunday.  Or write.  Ooo, wait, I can't do that either, because I have a Daily Illini meeting on Sunday.  Ugh, that means I have to get up at a decent hour and look professional and put together for work.

My life is an unfriendly writing environment right now.  Still, I am writing this weekend, at least a little bit.  If the apocalypse comes, I will sit in my cafe and write about how fascinating it is to watch the end of the world happen.  Yes.


"Everything is governed by Newton's 3 laws."  

*lights go off*

"That, my friends, is not governed by Newton's 3 laws.  That is governed by someone leaning up against the light switches in the back of the room, which is why you all need to SIT DOWN."

My physics professor makes physics almost seem like a fascinating, worthwhile subject.  If only all professors could prevent me from overdosing on liberal amounts of coffee for class the way he does.  

(PS My comparative politics prof looks exactly like Rick Riordan.  Except with a heavy Portuguese accent.)


  1. I honestly don't know how you manage to write AND be a student. You rock!

  2. Seriously, college is SO inconsiderate. But I have faith in you, you can do it!! :D