Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Are Your Plans For Your Career As A Writer?

That was a long title.  From Kim.  You know the drill.

My plans, my plans.  I believe I had a similar post, right hurr, so I guess if you want to know more about my fascinating life, you can click on that link.

My plans, of course, consist of being a published author at some point.  Preferably before I turn thirty, which I don't think is too ambitious of a goal, right?  Once, that goal was before I turned twenty (like maybe when I was in high school), but that would be physically impossible at this point.  One year is not enough time to get a book through the publishing process, but ten years? That's doable.  I can do that.  At the rate I'm going, I think I can do that.

Like I said before, my mind has not changed about being a full-time writer.  As in, I don't want to be doing this shindig as my full-time job.  I have way too many other things I'm interested in/want to do to than committing to ripping my brains out on a 9 to 5 basis, thank you very much.  Maybe it will be my full-time job when I have a baby (someday) and take off some time. Or maybe when I retire.  

I don't even want a creative writing minor.  I feel like it will suck the happiness out of my writing (personally; you may feel differently of course).  Writing is more precious to me because I'm not graded on it.  My creative writing class last summer was great, no regrets.  But I don't want to do that during the year or take multiple classes at once on writing.  Bleh.  

Just remember everybody, plans and goals are great.  Not to be the dream-crushing Asian mother to your Western, free-thinking, Pollyanna psyche, but...have a plan B.  Please.  By all means, try hard and don't give up, but don't be locked into a corner when everything you hope and dream for doesn't come true immediately.  Okay?  Okay.  Sorry.  I am the cloud to your silver lining.

Well, those are my plans.  But college is doing a REALLY GREAT JOB of destroying them right now.  I've tried to write the past two days and failed to find time, and I suspect the same will happen today, as I've got work again tonight.  Not to complain; I like the newspaper, but it sucks up the time at night I usually devote to writing.  Some new schedule is going to have to be developed.  Also, it's only been two days, and I already have almost 200 pages of reading assigned.  I knocked out about 100 last night.  And this is the kind of reading that you can't really bullshit out of, like science reading (which I do, in fact, skip), because your clueless idiocy becomes painfully obvious in a history class if you haven't read the assigned articles.  
And then your professor will stare at you with his beady eyes and hate you. 

Ted Kennedy finally died of brain cancer today.  :-(

In other sad news: Borders is in trouble!  I have this sudden compulsion to go out and buy a box of books at full price.  Don't worry, my beloved bookstore (I've always loved you more than your mean older brother, Barnes & Noble.  Shhhh, don't tell!), if you're a sinking ship, I WILL GO DOWN WITH YOU.  Maybe not, as I don't really know how that would work...but I will go down with you in spirit!



Now, as I've thoroughly rained on your parade today, I'm going to class.  Ta-ta.

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  1. :) I'd like an agent by the end of the next 5 years ;) That's my goal. I have a part-time job now, and fitting in writing is ok, but ideally I'd love to make it writing full time. As long as I can afford the bills, with a little extra, I'll be happy.

  2. I realized after college and a career that writing full time is exactly what I want to do. I'm glad I pursued my other dream, though, because the training has benefited me in every aspect of my life.

  3. Um, agent in one year here. *gulp*

    I'll probably be out of high school -- but it was a goal of mine, do that.

    Hope classes are going well for you, missy. Can't wait to hear more about it at all.