Sunday, October 11, 2009

Electronic Doodads

So how do you feel about the Kindle?  Because everybody seems to be freaking out about it, and I guess I haven't really formulated an opinion on this thing.

Maybe I am slowly feeling the effects of aging and not being able to catch up with technological advances.  I'll admit it: I don't have a Kindle, or any other kind of electronic reading device.  I know some people who do, but most of us carry our books around to class like old fashioned Abe Lincolns, uphill both ways.  

Coming from someone who doesn't even like electronic textbooks (because I don't like reading on computer screens, yet I find the one hobby that makes me sit in front of computers for hours at a time), I probably won't be investing in a Kindle anytime soon.  I don't have a virulent hatred for them, I am kind of indifferent, slanting toward vague dislike.  Yeah (on my spectrum of love/hate).  I have heard that it is not unpleasant to read on Kindles, I suppose.

But I am a little afraid of everything getting digitized.  Not that paper books won't exist anymore, but I'm sure the sales will decrease.  I like having paper books.  The only thing I find objectionable about them is how many I have, and how obnoxious it is to move them/store them when I go somewhere.  I don't like how when I go to China for a couple of weeks, I only have room to bring one book in English, so me and that book--we become best friends.  Seriously.  This happened with Uncle Tom's Cabin, Mirror Mirror, and to a certain degree, Lord of the Rings.  It would be pretty cool if I could bring more.

What about libraries, though?  Would they carry less paper books?  Would we develop some system to check out electronic ones?  The real question is, would I be able to experience the embarrassment of walking into the children's section and pulling out a tattered copy of The Titan's Curse?!  I don't think so.  If I had the electronic version, I totally wouldn't have to be flashing the cover of it on my desk and looking like an overgrown five-year-old.  I guess it could be worse.  I could be a thirty-year-old man, and then, I'd really look like a pedo.  I'm wearing this loose, baggy plaid shirt which isn't helping out the situation (it's Sunday; don't judge me).

Anyway, as long as I still get my paper books, I'll be okay with life.  I'll be sad when my books get pirated (if I get published), but that is a worry for another day.


  1. I'm basically indifferent as well. I think the Kindle is (allegedly?) increasing overall reading which is a good thing. I imagine it's also more convenient and efficient for travelers and business people and other Grown-Ups.
    Personally, (from a reader's perspective) I think whatever/wherever you're most comfortable reading is where you should. As long as it's legal.
    Oh, and I don't have a Kindle. And haven't really found myself longing for one. I like paper books too :)

  2. I'll give in to the craze eventually, but only after a few more incarnations have come out, and all the bugs worked out. It's inevitable, but I love my books. My sister reads everything on her Palm, and has for years.

  3. I'm so with you! I need the paperback books...