Friday, October 9, 2009

Present Your Work To An Author of Your Choice

Because I would never be able to choose just one, here are two, and two that you might expect if you know me at all:

1) Donna Jo Napoli.  She's a graduate of Harvard (mathematics and Romance languages) and got a degree in linguistics from MIT.  She is now a professor of linguistics...somewhere in Pennsylvania, I think?  I'm not sure.  I think she does workshops for writers, which is more than a lot of authors do.  She also happens to be my favorite author and has been for many years.  I've never met her, and I don't know very much about her, but I know that she is the most stylistically perfect writer I've ever had the good fortune to read.  And I hope that someday, I do get to meet her.  (And maybe attend one of her workshops.  I'd probably leave crying, but it would be a good kind of crying.  The kind you look back upon fondly later.)

2) Rick Riordan.  I know he's too busy to function, but I'm such a fangirl, I can't help but put him on my list.  I think he has a mad good understanding of pacing, which is something I struggle with regularly.  He is also brilliant at dialogue and voice.  I've (kind of) met him in person, and he seems really nice.  I guess all authors must try to seem that way while on tour, but he used to be a high school teacher so he can't be a total hermit, right?  High school teachers also  So he'd probably offer good advice.  In my hypothetical dream world, of course.  Like I said...too popular to function.  Anyone who has that much love for Greek mythology though--I think we can get along.

...And now, I am apartment-hunting with my future roomies so pray that the rain stops and wish me luck!  

I'll post next week's order when I get back.

*Edit* No sorry, I was not apartment-hunting for a day and a half, I just forgot about this shindig.  :-(  But here it is:

Monday: Me


  1. I love Donna Jo Napoli! Good luck with the apartment hunting. You're lucky you don't have to stay on-campus until junior year.

  2. I know! I'd love to show Rick Riordan my work...
    And the other person for me is probably Jane Austen, which is just amazingly unrealistic, since she's dead... :)