Tuesday, February 9, 2010

(Almost) Anniversary and VLOG

Yes, I totally copied this from Weronika, but for real, I actually only just figured out how to use iMovie...today. Since I like watching other people's vlogs (because I can hear their voices IRL!), I thought I would celebrate my blog's (almost) one year anniversary (Feb. 11th!) with revealing what my voice REALLY sounds like. You're curious, right? Right? Let me pretend.

The lighting is kind of dark, but meh. It's snowy and gross outside and I had nothing to do except productive things like homework. The video is a pseudo-tour of my dorm room and a show-and-tell of the books I have on my desk. Enjoy.

Ignore my awkward rambling at the end. I have no idea what I was saying. Maybe I was on drugs. Maybe that baggie you saw on my desk was actually ecstasy. Also, I fail at making eye contact with the camera.


  1. I love this. This made me really happy!

  2. Haha, did you say "I'm basically a man?" Dude, WHY has it taken you so long to vlog? That was awesome!

    Hmm, questions...what's your favorite book that you read recently? What song do you wish was never invented? What song do you wish you invented? On average, how many minutes (okay, hours) do you spend procrastinating per day? (Please say at least 2 hrs or I'll be *very* sad.)
    Estee Lauder is taking the essence of Johnny Depp and bottling it up...what is going in the bottle? i.e. an air of mystery, a dash of hotness...

  3. If you're a man, I must be like a bear. Wait, are bears messy? In any case, my desk is organized for like a day maybe and then it's a disaster zone; my room is a black hole.

    Bravo for vlogging! I kind of hate myself on video (I do this nervous giggle type thing and probably say 'like' too much), so, um, yeah... BRAVE OF YOU! :D And fun too!

  4. I love putting your picture to your voice! And what you wrote at the end of your blog is still cracking me up! Throw that baggie in the trash!

  5. *grins* I love you for this! And your books...Serious childhood loves here! Although I was surprised not to see PJ&O, you totally made up for it with “The Two Princesses of Bamarre”, and “D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths”! That last book was constantly in my possession from ages 7-11. The library had multiple copies, so when the one I had was due, I returned it and walked back to check out the other. I was pretty much a Greek myth hog.

    And your bed! It could be a twin to mine--usually unmade, always covered with school/books/anything and everything. Also, the pronunciation of your name is great--my sisters sometimes call me CeCe, so when you said your name I actually said, “What?” Ahaha, that’s kind of embarrassing.

    Anyway, great job! I am way too self-conscious in front of the camera (not to add NOT photogenic in the least), so kudos to you for putting your real self out there! I’m looking forward to more!

  6. You are too cute. And your dorm room brought back so many memories.

  7. Okay, what are you trying to say about us "men"? I'm not arguing whether it's true or not (which is usually is), but geez.

    This is really cool, and even though you said um and uh every other word, it was still fun.

    And I mean this in the most "non-stalker old guy who isn't allowed to compliment younger women or it's weird" way, but you're quite a cute young woman who has very expressive eyes.

    Okay, hopefully you're not calling the cops (or my wife).

    It really is cool though, the way you did this. Way more brave than I think I'd be in front of the camera. Nice job, and here's looking for more of these.

    Oh damn, I hope that doesn't come out as me wanting to see more of you on video. Ouch, shutup Eric. Okay, I need to stop this comment as now I'm talking to myself. And it's not pretty.

  8. Haha, that's really cool... =] I'd never do that, ever, because there's a reason I write instead of talking to real people most of the time...

    And I don't remember (and am too lazy to check) if you mentioned it here or in the other post, but you are totally photogenic. Really.