Monday, February 8, 2010

Where Do I Belong?

*anguished look*

What is your favorite genre to read? Mystery? Chick lit? Fantasy? Sci-fi? Romance? Historical? YA? Adult? You tell me. Did you always like this genre or did you switch around? Or are you not picky about genres at all? Check the last five books you've read. What genres are they?
All right. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let me ask you, is what you write and what you read the same?

The most important question is: did you always write in the genre you write in now? I think I'm going to do some wandering about, because I don't know if I've found that genre that I click in, totally. Not that I don't like writing fantasy, but you know. I'm not ready for a committed relationship, okay? I'm dating around, being easy. You can judge me. I'm a genre slut. I mean, fantasy has nice eyes and all, but I think literary has all these deep thoughts that just sweep me off my feet. I swoon. And well, historical makes me laugh with all its funny jokes. Bah, it's complicated.

I'm trying to finish my fan fiction before I do any drastic original fiction lifestyle changes. It was kind of a New Year's resolution for me to update faster, but ah, you know how resolutions work. My novel and I are taking a break from our relationship. Probably mad because I'm flirting with other projects. It gets really jealous sometimes.


  1. Oh how I missed your updates! :D

  2. Good to hear from you again. ; ) I write and read the same genre...YA fantasy all the way. Which is pretty ironic considering I didn't read as much YA when I was a YA. I can't imagine reading or writing anything else. BUT I've learned that nothing in life is certain, including my tastes, so you might find out a year from now that I'm writing a non-fiction book for senior citizens.

    Or not.

    I think it's good to test it out and see what feels right for you though. We all need to find our niche. I have a few ideas for romantic comedies (YA of course) but we'll see how that goes AFTER I give all the fantasy ideas their turn. The main thing is I know my heart is in YA but the reasons for that are whole new conversation. ; )

    Go explore. Have fun!

  3. I don't think I can write anything without a hint of fantasy/supernatural/paranormal in it. It's fun, and more than that, there's just so much to be written in the genre, despite the proliferation of knockoff ideas that glut the genre.

    There's something for everyone--vampire books aren't my thing, but I love to see what new supernatural creatures are coming to life in the pages of fantasy fiction.

    Great post!

  4. It's cool that you're trying out different genres! I don't know if I could. My muse is too wired for fantasy and the supernatural, so the closest thing I could get to anything else is probably magical realism. And yes, fantasy is my favorite genre to read in. Lately, I've been reading a lot of YA though (YA fantasy to be specific though).

    There are a lot of books that I like though that are classics or non-fiction, and of course, there are few contemporary literary types thrown in there. As with many aspects of my life, I'm not too picky.

  5. Welcome back! Have missed you. :)

    So long as there's little blood and gore and violence and no blushables, I can enjoy practically anything. My first love is the author's voice, and then I consider the genre.

    I've always loved fairy tales and fantasy especially, and it clicks for me when I write it. I can't write contemporary to save my life. >.< Tried and failed miserably.

  6. Ah, yes. I went back to my reading list, and found all YA books. But I'm not picky within the sub-genres. Fantasy. Sci fi. Urban fantasy. Contemporary. Whatever. As long as it's YA.

    Good luck finding your spot. I know you will!

  7. Well...I mostly read historical fiction and fantasy. But I write modern young adult romance. Definitely not what I read :)
    Good luck finding your spot! For me, the best thing to do is just experiment.

  8. You slut. Haha. Not really. I like to think I am an equal-opportunity reader/writer in lots of genres. I really need to find an idea for a novel that I can write all the way through- I always get stuck, you know? Happy writing!