Thursday, March 4, 2010

Friday Favorites

Today: Villains.

I'm going to go over the top three scariest literary villains ever. The top three scariest that I can come up with at 2:00 am when I'm supposed to be reading The Iliad, anyway. Here we go!

1) Lord Voldemort. Super obvious, but who would disagree? The guy is so scary that people don't even use his real name out loud. He is terrifying because he's pure evil, no redeeming qualities. He doesn't understand love, so he doesn't understand positive emotions at all. He is like the ultimate definition of sociopath, except with magic, so that makes it even worse.

2) The Other Mother from Coraline. She really terrifies me, probably because she takes something familiar (ie your family) and changes them into something that can hurt you. But she does it under the guise of love. And she has BUTTONS for eyes, besides wanting to sew them into yours too! Plus, she can lock you in a mirror indefinitely. I think that's pretty scary.

3) Roger Chillingsworth from The Scarlet Letter. There are a lot of characters in that book that scare me, Pearl among them. I guess I can't explain this one, but I read this book under my covers with the lights on because was so afraid.

Who are your favorite/scariest villains? Sorry for the short post, guys. My forearms hurt, for some strange reason, and I hope it's not something serious, but I should probably lay off hardcore typing for a while.


  1. Hmm. Hmm. This is why I don't really like my brain. Because I have trouble bringing stuff to the forefront to answer questions like these. My internal filing system is broken. *picture Spongebob trying to remember his name when his brain has dumped all info not related to being a waiter*

    I liked YOUR favorite villains though ~ all good ones!

    Hope your forearms feel better soon.

  2. To be honest, Pearl freaked me out more than Roger Chillingworth. LOL.

    Lord Voldemort definitely has to top my list of villains. He's simply made of pure evil.

    Sauron from Lord of the Rings. He didn't appear much in Lord of the Rings, but I guess that's one of the reasons why he's scary.

  3. I wouldn't necessarily say that Lord Voldemort is pure evil -- I, for one, adore Tom Riddle, but maybe that's because I see something in him that no one else does?

    I'm having trouble coming up with my own list, though. I'm thinking that's probably because the villains that scare me most typically aren't so much people as forces -- time, change, distance... hmm... off to think about that some more...

  4. Ooh, good question. George Harvey in The Lovely Bones has to be the scariest villain of all time because there are men like him actually out there. Ugh.

  5. Voldemort was a badass until the last bit of the last book. Geez. -__-

    Can't really think of my top villains at the moment (I suck at these questions), but lots of people in the Scarlet Letter freaked me out. Pearl probably the most because she was a strange, creepy child.

  6. Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who was weirded out by Pearl. That child was so abnormal! I absolutely would've put her down on my list, except I don't think she's technically a villain. She's just a creepy, creepy little girl.

    PS Ali & CamrynMorrell: Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I'm not sure...that's a hard one. In Percy Jackson, Kronos scares me because he can get inside people's (aka Luke's and Percy's) heads. That's really creepy. The technology and government in Brave New World are pretty scary...I don't know. This one would take much more thought than I can give at this time of night! =)