Monday, March 1, 2010

March Is Here

I've been sick (again!) the past week, so I disappeared for a while. But I'm much better now, and it's officially March. Let the welcome for spring begin.

Good things about March:

1) Improving weather! During February, you can't even pretend like the weather is getting better. You get one good day and you get all excited about spring coming back and then you remember, right, it's February. Nothing good comes out of February, ever, except false alarms for warm weather and Can't Get Enough of Gump Week on AMC (yes, it was last week, and YES, I watched Forrest Gump like four times, but don't judge me; IT IS INFINITELY REWATCHABLE - especially since I had nothing to do but hold tissues up to my nose and hide under my covers).

2) Trips to the library! And I don't mean the school library where there are only nasty old non-fiction books for papers. I mean the Champaign Public Library. If you know me at all, you know that I plan out trips to the library somewhere like a week in advance. It's thirty minutes walk. I could take the bus, but I like taking walks. This library is made of all glass, surrounded by pretty trees and brick roads, plus it has a cute cafe called Latte Da and all the books you ever want to read EVER EVER and it smells deliciously of them. I only go occasionally, but when I do, I spend the whole afternoon there relaxing, and it's better than a spa, seriously. (Wow, I think I just out-dorked myself there.)

3) Fashion show! It's this Saturday, and I'm a model. It's going to be fun! Also, this is the only time I'm ever going to be a model for anything in my life. I'm 5'1". I buy jeans from the kids section, which earns me strange looks from store employees who evidently can't see how abnormally short my legs are. Not that I'm bitter or anything. Nope.

4) New novel! Probably towards the end of March, when I catch my breath. I'm trying my hand at something more modern (my last two are set in the past). I have been contemplating dabbling in different genres for a while now. Trying to find my voice, that illusive voice, darn it. Also, I'm going to write this one slower, more thoroughly. There are plenty of people who swear by just writing the first draft and then fixing it later. I, however, am not the world's greatest revisionist, and it might do me some good to be a little more discerning with my first draft. Like I said, trying out a lot of new things, which should help me grow as a writer.

Bonus: this is a really stupid one, but ever since I got contacts at the beginning of the year, I've been obsessed with sunglasses (because I've never been able to wear them before). A quick shopping trip to the mall to finalize my outfits for the fashion show turned into a THREE HOUR extravaganza because I got side-tracked by every display of sunglasses I passed. You can bet March is going to involve the purchasing of sunglasses. And I will wear them every time it's sunny, yes I will. So, Illinois, please for once hold back your lame penchant for sucky, epic-rain spring weather and bring on the sunshine!


  1. Aw, that last one isn't stupid! I remember switching from glasses to contacts. It really is such a lifestyle change. Fun!

  2. Hope you are feeling better! I am excited about March, too! SO ready for beach weather! My little sister watched Forrest Gump like every day last week, too. I did that once when they replayed Good Will Hunting over and over and over. Some movies just suck you in, you know?

    I understand what you mean about sunglasses. When I had better vision insurance, I was able to afford prescription sunglasses and IT. WAS. AWESOME. I felt like a model or something, flipping my hair and wearing my sunglasses at the beach.

    Unfortunately, my new vision insurance pretty much sucks, so I just had to go with regular glasses when my prescription got worse, but oh well... Sunglasses look so glamorous to me, but I just can't do the contact thing. I am WAY too lazy.

  3. Yay new novel and sunglasses! I finally got contacts my sometime during first or second year of college with the reason being, "Mom, I go to football games where the student section is strategically placed on the SUNNY SIDE of the stadium. (Though to be fair, we had the best seats in the house- 50 yard line- barring the more expensive alumni section.) Think I can get some contacts so I can wear sunglasses and not go BLIND trying to watch the game?" But yeah, sunglasses = awesome. Also, they're kind of like an essential around here in the summer, especially when one has to drive.

    Re: jeans - I always have to get most of my pants tailored, or I'm always rockin' the folded up jeans look. You don't know how excited I was when American Eagle started making jeans in a "short" size because then they were the perfect length! ;_;

  4. Wow, you have some cool stuff going on. Fashion shows and contacts and everything. And I used to wear contacts, and yes, sunglasses are the greatest thing ever.

    Glad you're feeling better!

  5. Your library sounds like a bit of heaven! Sounds like March is going to be a fabulous month for you! :)

  6. :O You went shopping without me?! Call me up next time!


    Run Forrest, run!

  7. Yup, contacts are pretty great. :D

    Krispy - I don't know what's up with my body, but when I find jeans that fit my waist, they're too long. When I find jeans that are the right length, they don't fit over my butt, which makes me think I have an abnormally sized butt. My body is so dysfunctional, haha.

    Jeff - I WOULD have called you, but I don't have your number, silly. Because of fashion show, I went to the mall three times. It made me hate the mall.

  8. I'm feeling this! Yes! It's been sunny two days in a row here--not even that warm--but I feel like it's spring! And there's an amazing library about 20 min's away from me. Spa-like, indeed!