Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Favorites

Fierce heroines! 

What is the definition of a fierce heroine? I think it's a girl who can do what the boys do, who has a multi-faceted personality, and matures and learns over the course of a novel. A tough question for the industry today: why are books always marketed toward a particular demographic? You've all seen those headless girls on pink covers that immediately mean: CHICK LIT ALERT. Why is it that "boy" novels have crossover potential for gender and girl novels almost never do? 

If girls can like reading books about boys, then why can't boys like reading books about girls? 

I don't know the answers to these questions, but I think it's definitely important that books continue being written about independent female characters who are not defined by their love interests or anyone else in their lives. They define themselves. What is your definition of a fierce heroine?

My friend, greenconverses, is starting a blog about fierce heroines and keeping up a discussion about girls in YA literature. Check it out here and join the conversation!


  1. I agree wholeheartedly with that definition.

    P.S. This attests to how long it's been since I've commented - love the new blog layout! Wish I had more time to comment, but I end up just reading...

  2. I don't know what my definition of a fierce heroine is, but I'd have to say a woman who, when staring death or loss in the face, can stand up for what she's claimed to live for, and not compromise her beliefs. I mean, trying to take out that a heroine is a heroINE is the wrong way to go about it, I think. I don't know... it's an interesting thought.

  3. Yesss.

    And my definition of fierce heroine = Katsa from Graceling, definitely!

  4. Nice topic. Will definitely be checking out your friend's blog. I like your definition that fierce heroines define themselves. They are their own people. I think that's one of the bigger issues I have with Bella in the Twilight series. Yeah, she's a bland character (and definitely not someone I'd call a fierce heroine), but more than that, she's almost exclusively defined by her relationships to the men in her life.

    As for boy vs. girl crossover potential, I wish there were answers to those questions. I always thought if a girl MC is cool, boys will probably be okay with reading about her (since I've never had a problem with reading boy MCs), but I guess that's not actually the case. My friend who babysits recommends books to the boy she looks after, but if the MC is a girl, he's not interested, even if she literally and figuratively kicks ass.

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  6. I love the independent heroine that can fend for herself! She's my hero.
    Nice to meet you, btw, I'm a new follower! And I hear you about the post below, the Asian parents over documenting our vacations. It must be in the genes.