Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Official Summer Reading List

OSRL. Here it is. I waited until May to make it more legit. Two more weeks, and then I'll be able to read all of the books I want that don't have to do with any of the following topics: Reconstruction, Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah, Oliver Cromwell, or the Stuarts. Hooray! The following books are in no particular reading order. Some are recycled from earlier lists because I never got to them. My goal is to finish all of them, plus the Summer Challenge. This list is a living document; I will be adding to it as the summer goes on.

1) The Wager. Donna Jo Napoli.
2) The Red Pyramid. Rick Riordan.
3) When I Was Older. Garret Freymann-Weyr.
4) After the Moment. Garret Freymann-Weyr.
5) If I Stay. Gayle Forman.
6) The Hunger Games, etc. Suzanne Collins.
7) Leviathan. Scott Westerfeld.
8) Devilish. Maureen Johnson.
9) Queen of Camelot. Nancy McKenzie.
10) The White Queen. Philippa Gregory.
11) Graceling. Kristin Cashore.
12) Cybele's Secret. Juliet Marillier.
13) Sisters Red. Jackson Pearce.
14) His Dark Materials. Philip Pullman.
15) Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. Jamie Ford.
16) Shiver. Maggie Stiefvater.
17) The Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald.
18) Elsewhere. Gabrielle Zevin.
19) The Truth About Forever. Sarah Dessen.
20) Things You Either Hate or Love. Brigid Lowry.
21) Avalon High. Meg Cabot.
22) After. Amy Efaw.
23) Psych Major Syndrome. Alicia Thompson.
24) The Sevenwaters Trilogy. Juliet Marillier.
25) A Blue So Dark. Holly Schindler.

Thanks to greenconverses for staying up until 3 am* with me to help me come up with books on my list (and also to keep me company while I write 4 billion essays for school). This is how our conversation degenerated in the early hours of the morning (keep in mind that I had two Hot Pockets today):

Me: You are right; I'm starting to regret that Hot Pocket. From that overly bloated feeling you get when it starts to digest.

Her: Hahaha. But it was delicious while you had it.

Me: Meh. Lol. The ham and cheese one was better this morning.

Her: ...did you have a breakfast pocket?

Me: I did...

Her: I'd judge you hardcore right now, but my breakfast consisted of Burger King soooo...

And what you have learned now is that college students eat about one step above homeless people. Maybe not even. The night before I had beer and Ramen noodles. So there you go. There is going to be a day when even my Asian metabolism can't handle my eating habits.

*Nope, just kidding. It's 5 am, and we're still on AIM. This right here is true friendship of the writerly kind. 


  1. Yeah, my food for the entire four years of college is going to be (pretty much) Top Ramen, an occasional apple, and um.. potatoe chips.
    I really enjoyed the Great Gatsby, but I also know a lot of people who hated it. Isn't that just how books are? :)

  2. I love your new layout! Um, maybe it's not new and I'm just hopelessly behind/unobservant? I'm still recovering from finals, so hopefully I have a pass.

    Your list looks awesome. I've been meaning to compile one myself but I figure it's summer, a time of rest and...okay, I'm lazy. I've read some of the books on your list, and a couple are among my all-time favorites (The Hunger Games, The Truth About Forever...also really enjoyed Elsewhere and If I Stay).

    But anyway, happy reading! YAY for summer, that beautiful and elusive thing.

  3. a) The Truth about Forever: Nice, a bit too much fluff, but still fun.
    b) Shiver: Pretty good, but be warned: Ballad is better. It's worth reading if you like Shiver at all.
    c) The Hunger Games: On my list too.
    d) Graceling: *falls off chair* Yes, read it, soon! :D
    e) The Red Pyramid: Win!

    By the way, I've got Un Dun Lun here in my stack of books, mostly because of your mentions. Looking forward to it!

  4. OOOH! That's a solid list. I've read a bunch, but you've listed a few I've had to look up. Can't wait to see what you think! Oh summer, too many books, so little time.

  5. Maybe I should check out Psych Major Syndrome as I was also a Psych major in California. Haha.

    The Hunger Games is so on my list. I need to stop borrowing other books from the library and read that one! I'm also planning on reading Red Pyramid. What can I say? I'm curious.

  6. Intriguing line-up! I like to tackle one humongous book sometime each summer. I haven't narrowed it down yet, but I have a short-list!
    (I once threw up a hot pocket and can't even look at them.)

  7. Make sure you tell us how they are!
    (I'm going out to buy Rick Riordan's new book today! *excited*!)

  8. Hey, Xixi. Looks like a good list. "The Great Gatsby" is one of my favorite books, so be forewarned, I will babble on about it when you're done. It's just a really interesting work. I'm still working on my summer reading list and I was contemplating reading "Shiver." Maybe we can read it at the same time so we can discuss. Lol. : ) I'm also trying to follow your challenge with the whole read some random book by an unknown author. It's a good idea. I feel like such a failure as an English major sometimes. There are so many great/classic books I haven't read yet. My summer reading list is ever-evolving and quite undoable with the amount of time I'll have to read this summer, but I don't care. It's fun to look at all the amazing books out there and salivate over them. Hope to share my picks with you soon and see you in a few weeks when I'm back from France!