Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Kindle

Here is my overdue post about how I succumbed to the dark side and got an e-reader last Christmas. Remember when I did this post about how real books are better? That still pretty much holds true, except I could not resist the overwhelming attraction of having an e-reader. Mine is just a generic Kindle and not a Kindle Fire — mainly because the only thing I use an e-reader for is to read books, so I don't see the point of having an iPad-like device with fancy colors and games, when I could just go buy an iPad if I wanted (I'm an Apple slave; it is what it is).

I also refuse to own a Nook. I have a very love-hate relationship with Barnes & Noble. My enduring love for Borders makes me naturally hate the last remaining large chain bookstore. But because it is the last one, I am forced to shop there and semi-enjoy it as well. I can secretly buy coffee there and occasionally make a book purchase, but symbolically, I am incapable of buying a Nook. That would be like giving in to B&N's evil monopoly. PS I am fully aware that Amazon is partly responsible for Borders going under, but Amazon is friendly and online and B&N has soulless fluorescent lighting, suspiciously freezing bathrooms that seem perfect for storing dead bodies, and an atmosphere that actively discourages loitering. I enjoy loitering in bookstores, B&N. Deal with it.

I'm kidding. Sort of. It's complicated.


Here are some reasons why I love my Kindle:

1) I can fit an entire library of books into my purse, which is awesome. This is great for airplanes and traveling in general.

2) Everything is super cheap! Compared to print. I bought the entire Hunger Games series for probably half the price it would be if it were on paper.

3) I can read books that probably have embarrassing covers without worry! Not FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, if that's what you were thinking. If I wanted erotica fan fiction, I'd get it for free at I'm not going to pay $10 for it. I could supply my coffee addiction for three whole days with that money.

4) I can buy books at the click of a button. I don't even need to leave my bed. This could, depending on how you look at it, be a good thing or a really, really bad thing.

5) I don't have to worry about bookmarks keeping my place. I have this thing where I hate bookmarks. Sometimes I use receipts as a placeholder, but I hate actual bookmarks.

I want to add, though, that I still buy books in paper form, so I don't think that bookstores will die out completely. I will almost definitely buy MARK OF ATHENA in hardcover in October, and I finally bought STAY WITH ME, because I basically cannot justify how often I read that book and not own it. It also sucks how few titles exist in e-book form. I find myself looking up books that aren't available a lot. But overall, I admit that e-readers are not so bad. I concede defeat.

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