Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cool Things About Today

1) I checked my transcript for insurance purposes. My university's organization is abysmal, and it never tells me anything. But I ended my final semester with straight A+'s and awesomely, found out I graduated magna cum laude. Would've been cool to know this when I walked at commencement, but whatever. Still nice discovery one month later.

2) Been listening to Olly Murs while writing. He was the opening act for One Direction, and you know, usually no one gives a crap about opening acts, but he was so good that everyone sat up and paid attention. Apparently he was on X-Factor in the UK, but I live in the US, doncha know, so never heard of him before. His music has a ska sound to it, and it's super cheerful and appropriate for summer. Love it. Also, he is amazing live. I'd pay for a concert of just him. So many thanks to my favorite British boys for introducing him to me. Check Mr. Murs out if you're interested:

3) I'm on a schedule of 1,000 words a day. It's nothing compared to NaNo, but I am out of practice, so it's HARD. But I feel awesome at the end of the day. And since I have nothing to do in the summer other than hang out with people and tutor my brother, I have plenty of time to procrastinate and still get my writing done.

4) I bought that iced coffee in a carton from International Delight. This may not seem that cool to you, but I really wanted it during the year, and they didn't sell it at any campus grocery stores. Now I don't have to go to Starbucks all the time for yummy iced coffee.

5) Sarah Wylie's book, ALL THESE LIVES, has been released today. If you don't know about her, you should. You should also buy her book. One, because it sounds amazing. And two, because Sarah is a wonderful person. She was always friendly and funny, even before she was all published and a big deal. I'm super excited to read some good YA contemp, and the cover looks beautiful, yeah? Get on this shit, guys, all four of you who are potentially stalking my blog. I don't know who you are, but you should do this. Because I said so. And I know what I'm talking about.

EDIT: Your local bookstore may not have it in stock, as mine did not, but be a trooper. Order it. Maybe they'll feel like they need to stock it if there's enough interest.


  1. Congrats on your honors and your grades! Way to go out on top! :D (Also, no wonder you got into your fancy law school!)

    Iced coffee sounds so good right now. I feel like I need an caffeine IV these days. I love the puppy, but he has BOUNDLESS energy and I do not. And I have been interested in Sarah's book. Yay that it's out in the world!

    1. I saw your puppy! He's very adorable. I wonder how big he's going to get!

      I'm glad you understand about the coffee. I have a coffee maker, but it just doesn't sound appetizing to drink hot coffee in the summer, you know? And I have this thing where I have to be consuming caffeine to write. It's sort of a problem, haha.

  2. Oh, this is so awesome and lovely! Here I am stalking your blog, reading through old posts, and I see this. THANK YOU :) I hope you enjoy the read! And congratulations on your amazing grades!

    1. Thank you! Your book just came in, so I'm starting to read it now! :)