Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Have Excuses

Look at how well British boys are dressed.
Do better, Americans. Seriously.
Plus, great hair.
I know I only blogged once last week, and I was holding myself to a strict two times a week schedule, but I have a legitimate reason for why I didn't.

I was too busy being excited for the One Direction concert I attended on Saturday in Chicago.* I blogged about them earlier in conjunction with writing.

This is a picture of us before 1D emerged,
so I was relatively normal and had not yet
transformed into a shrieking tween.
I am going to make some law students feel really old in the fall when we inevitably do the "What did you do over the summer?" ice breakers, and people say things such as, "I finished up my paralegal job," or "I got married," or "I birthed a baby." And I'm like, yeah, I went to a 1D concert. What. I'm totally mature enough for law school, guys.

This picture was taken by a chaperone mom sitting in the row in front of us. That's how age inappropriate my taste in music is. Like, I'm almost old enough to have a child who could be into One Direction.

But whatever. They're all legal, and I have no shame. They were actually incredibly good live, so for the record, the boys do function as more than just eye candy with British accents.**

This week, though. BACK TO WORK on writing.

I would be lying to you, however, if I said I wasn't listening to 1D while I'm working on my novel. I mean, whatever gets it done, right?

*This is pretty legitimate, amirite?
**They do a pretty exceptional job of being eye candy, though.


  1. LOL, so many people were totally jealz of you. And YOU feel old liking boy bands? I'm older than everyone in that band, which makes me feel incredibly ancient. Haha. They do dress very well and have catchy music.

    I have a somewhat negative impression of them though because my sister worked a special event for them, and their manager was a dick to her. The band themselves were just in and out, so her impression of the actual band was neutral-ish. Whereas she also worked a concert for that other British boy band, The Wanted, and their management was super polite AND the boys themselves were super nice to her and other theater staff. :P

    But it looks like you enjoyed yourself at the concert, so that's the most important! Glad you had fun, and goodness, it must have been crazy! Hope you're not still semi-deaf from the fangirl screaming. ;)

    1. Awww, that's no fun. It's never cool when people forget to be nice to everyone. I'm not really into The Wanted's music, and they sort of gross me out with how often they talk about sleeping with fans, but I'm glad they're at least nice in person.

      Yeah, I was definitely deaf for like 10 minutes after I walked out. It was insane like you would not believe. Especially as at one point in the concert, Liam and Zayn decided to prank Harry by ripping his shirt open in the middle of a song. You can probably imagine how loud it got, haha.

      Honestly, though, way above my expectations in terms of how good they were. They can really sing.

  2. LOL, I did NOT know that about The Wanted. Then again, I don't really follow any of these bands. They make me feel too old and it's totally depressing, lol. Agree with you on their music though, especially their first album. My sister discovered them, showed them to me, & then we proceeded to mock everything. After their concert at the venue she works at (they were surprisingly good live too) and after they were nice to her, she was like, "Now I feel bad about mocking them." LOL. Also, their 2nd album has catchier music.

    I remember going to a BSB concert in their heyday, and it was insane. My friends and I were deaf when we got out, and our voices were seriously stuck like an octave higher from all the ridiculous screaming that happened. Ah, the days of being a fangirl. Where did all that energy go?

    Glad you had fun though! And it's always great when bands prove their talent! I'll have to get 1D's album from the sis & check it out.