Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random Thoughts Tuesday

I couldn't decide what I wanted to blog about, so I will blog about ALL OF THE THINGS.

1) I'm at 46,000 words on the WIP. You know what I would rather be doing over hammering out the ending? Working on my SHINY NEW IDEA. This idea has been simmering for about a month now, and I think it has full novel potential. I rarely get ideas because in general, I am a boring, uncreative person. Ideas and I are like lemurs and kangaroos, as in, we do not really make contact with one another. Therefore, on the rare instance I am inspired, it's like a magical gift of magic. Everything about SHINY NEW IDEA seems better than the current novel. In my head, SHINY NEW IDEA is both a New York Times bestseller and a Printz Award Recipient. It will remain those things until I put it on paper when it will undoubtedly become appropriate only for lining the bottom of bird cages.

2) I'm reading THE NAME OF THE STAR by Maureen Johnson currently. Initial thoughts. It's cool to see Maureen write non-contemporary. Rory is a fantastic, funny character. Sometimes authors resemble their characters, and Rory is basically the paper version of Maureen in mannerisms and thoughts. In other words, Rory is awesome. Also, I would like to move to London now as London has better things. Like double decker buses. And roundabouts. British accents. Castle-looking places. Royalty. You may say the grass is greener on the other side, and YOU WOULD BE RIGHT, MY FRIEND. Because it rains more in London and therefore, the grass there in all likelihood is ACTUALLY GREENER. Real Book Rant (my version of a review — which is to say, a disorganized, rambly disaster) to come when I finish the book.

3) I went on vacation with my family to Door County, Wisconsin, last week. It is most likely my last vacation with my parents and brother as from here on out, I will be either killing myself in law school, killing myself in an internship, or killing myself at a law firm.* Anyway, Door County is quite pretty and absolutely perfect as the location for the hometown of the two main characters in my SHINY NEW IDEA. (They live in Chicago at the start of the novel, but they are both from Door County originally). I like to cheat with my settings by picking places I've been before so I don't have to freak out as much about portraying the place incorrectly. Boo research.

4) Oh, and I got my diploma in the mail.

I'm educated now.

*Don't get the wrong impression. I like my career path. I am just accepting that it is not the kind of career that affords a ton of free time. NO PAIN NO GAIN.

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