Monday, July 2, 2012

This Is What The Last Fourth Looks Like

EDIT: To prove I am not making this up
I am on the last fourth of my WIP. At 40,000 words to be exact, and it's like hell on earth. I'm barely crawling along, but I WILL PREVAIL. I came upon an idea to assess what this particular snapshot in writing looks like. I didn't change or stage anything. Monday night, this is what I have compiled in my writing area. Let me preface this with the reminder that I'm not an organized person. You may be wondering, HOW DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH SHIT ON YOUR DESK? The answer is, because I do not clean, my friend. That is why.

Books I have on my desk:

1) CLEAN by Amy Reed
2) UNBREAK MY HEART by Melissa Walker
3) HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY by Audrey Niffenegger
5) WHERE SHE WENT by Gayle Forman
6) PAPER TOWNS by John Green
8) ALL THESE LIVES by Sarah Wylie

Also, my Kindle is here too, but those are the paper copies I have, some purchased, some from the library. In addition, I have a book of idioms by the Oxford English Dictionary because one of my characters is an international student from China and while his English is good, he sucks at idioms.

Youtube videos I have open (this is sort of embarrassing, but I promised I was going to put it all out there straight and not make myself seem cool):

1) Sunburn by Owl City
2) One Thing by One Direction
3) Random vlogbrothers video (specifically, I'm Not Going Down: Thoughts From Amsterdam)
4) Beneath A Moonless Sky from Love Never Dies, the horrible sequel Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote for Phantom of the Opera -- it resembles bad fan fiction with a pretty score, but remains my musical guilty pleasure

Other miscellaneous things I have on my desk:

1) bowl of grapes
2) napkins
3) empty cup
4) CAN OF BEER -- seriously I just noticed a can of Milwaukee's Best Miller Lite on my desk, no idea where it came from as I swear, I do not drink beer while I'm writing (I do not drink beer in most circumstances because it's gross). Wine occasionally, but beer? Come on, I have more class than that. Now I'm wondering how long this beer has been sitting here without me noticing.
5) box of markers and colored pencils -- I also have no explanation for this
6) various receipts -- I use them as bookmarks because I dislike actual bookmarks

Yup. I need to take a break. And clean. Probably.

Happy Fourth of July! I will be back in the blogosphere next week.

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  1. Happy Fourth! And darling, your desk has nothing on my desk. I'm a mess & it drives my neat-freak sister crazy.