Friday, February 27, 2009

Hermes Makes A Comeback

Hermes is rewritten into the plot.  I guess I subconsciously love him too much.  His fate is not certain, though, so we'll just have to see whether I like the role he plays in the next few chapters.  There are several exciting new characters making cameos.  I suspect that my list of characters is still too long, and I will review them after I finish the first draft and cut any unnecessaries.  

Wrote 1,200 words tonight.  I'm looking to complete the chapter this weekend and maybe start a new one.  But ugh, psych midterm Monday, and history midterm Tuesday, plus political science essay about Plato and Hobbes does not equal a lot of writing time.  

Drop the Needle was so much fun!  I still have a few critiques to do myself, but I've been just blown away by the great chapter endings people have.  Really a lot of talent out there.  I've received some great feedback.  I will definitely try to incorporate it into my story.  I'm still on the fence about changing the voice.  I am going back and cutting out all the colloquials that stick out; this is a story set in Ancient Greece after all.  I want to keep the voice fresh and modern though.  I like the twist.  I'm kind of basing the idea off "A Great and Terrible Beauty" written by the very talented Libba Bray.  Her heroine is set in Victorian England, but has a modern, feminist feel to her.  It was difficult at first to get into, but I fell in love with it eventually.  If you haven't already, check out her books.  She's great!

But I can't claim that I'm a Libba Bray, so if my attempt falls flat...well, I'll have to change something.

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