Sunday, February 15, 2009

In Which I Am Selfish and Needy

I got a haircut today!  Wooooo.  I'm super happy about that because my hair was ridic long and driving me crazy.  My head feels way lighter now.

But mainly, today I went to Borders to check out "The Demigod Files" by Rick Riordan, because I am a psycho Percy Jackson fan.  Yes, I am eighteen.  Yes, I am in college.  Yes, I read children's lit.  Mock me if you must, but Greek mythology + awesome characters and plot = favorite.  Percy is currently rivaling (and beating) my love for Harry Potter.  He is just that cool.  As a result, I am dying for the fifth and last book in the series, "The Last Olympian."  Seriously, I'm having a terrible time waiting for it.  Mr. Riordan's mid-series minibook, "The Demigod Files" came out on Feb 10th and has a preview of TLO which comes out May 5th.  I went and checked it out.  I was not happy.  It wasn't because it was bad; it was fantastic as usual.

Unfortunately, I am one of those crazy people who look for romance in adventure books, which is why I was so crushed when my ship, Harry/Hermione, sunk in Harry Potter.  I have to say that I am a massive Percabeth shipper, and there is this tiny problem of Rachel Elizabeth Dare who is getting in the way of my happiness.  You see, Rachel is a girl who I Do Not Like, because she is right in the middle of my favorite characters getting together.  I think she's spunky and cool, just not as a love interest.  Well.  Chapter 1 of TLO is certainly not encouraging my Percabeth shipping tendencies.  Shame on you, Percy.  SHAME.

It seems like Mr. Riordan is just out to make me angry.  I kid, of course.  I never get mad at authors for writing something I don't like because it is their world, and their characters, and they can do whatever they want.  In any case, I love the author of PJO since he brought this wonderful series forth that pretty much makes my existence.  

This made me think.  Should I get mad at books that don't end precisely the way I want them to?  Should that give me reason to dislike them?  If I have such a clear idea of how I want things to end, then why should I even read other people's books?  Why do I even have such a vested interest in the romance part when it's clearly an action/adventure/fantasy?  Silly me.  Silly me and my attachment to characters.  

I would like to thank Rick Riordan heartily for being such a fabulous author.  Percy Jackson is better than Mr. Darcy.  Seriously.  Mr. Darcy never cared for Greek mythology.  Nor did he save the world approximately every 2.4 seconds.  Percy is so dreamyyyy. <3

Ahem.  Sorry about that.  It's my bad "Twilight" habits.

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