Monday, February 16, 2009

Mid-Story Crisis

Patience is a virtue that I do not possess.  Basically, last night a new character, dragging a huge complicated plot with her, stalked over and hit me in the head with a brick, demanding to be incorporated into the novel.  Whoopee.  Now, instead of being done in two months, the completion looks far away.  Sad, sad.  I know that this new plot/character is going to make the story infinitely better, I'm just impatient and want to get it all done!

Well, now I am standing at the base of a mountain again.  The last nine chapters need to be seriously revised and condensed.  Chapter 2 needs to be cut out completely, and Hermes needs to be relegated to a walk-in role only.  Unimportant.  Sorry, Hermes.  Cerberus is merely a mention, and Charon too.  Atalanta's role is going to be drastically scaled back, and her backstory is going to be told in one fell-swoop (without trying to make it an info-dump).  Theseus doesn't need a complicated backstory any more.  The new plot is going to make up much of the new novel.  But Megara is going to be that much cooler, so yay for that.

Ugh, work.


Later in the day: I SO wrote 2,000 words today.  Okay, that sounds a lot less impressive on paper than it did in my head.  But I took my laptop to the library and made myself write for an hour and a half, and then another half hour after I showered.  And I finished Chapter 10 (!!!).  How exciting is that?  Well, by Chapter 10, I really mean that after The Revision (horror), it'll be more like Chapter 5 or 6, but Chapter 10 sounds way better.  So I'm just going to refer to my chapters as they currently are, because they're inflated and on steroids.  The rehab will come later, in which they will be forced to come clean and live a healthy lifestyle.

That was the weirdest analogy ever.  Sorry.  But I am pretty excited. I am very happy with Chapter 10.  Chapter 11 is starting rocky, but I can deal with it.  Let the good part begin.  Soon.  I want to get this junk done so I can revise the lights out of it.  Bring it ON, Chapter 11. Bleh, I have two or three papers due in the next couple weeks, which I have no desire to write.  Let's be honest here.  After wringing my brains dry for an hour writing, more writing does not sound all that appealing.  And writing a paper about US history is not interesting compared to writing about a dead girl fight a goddess to get her life back.  All right.  That's all the plot I'm giving away for now. 

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